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Summer Sauna Sessions

Often, as the warmer months approach, we hear clients saying things like 'I don't need to sauna in summer - I can just stand outside' or 'I must be insane having a sauna on a 35 degree day', but the reality is - the benefits of infrared sauna don't stop when summer arrives, and we all know that the more regularly you use the sauna, the more amazing the benefits are!

So as we re-launch the ever popular summer sauna sessions package, we thought we'd give you a few of our favourite reasons to continue to use the sauna throughout summer:

1. To keep your momentum: you've spent all winter showing up for your weekly sessions, staying healthy and keeping your immune system high - the last thing you want is to lose all the momentum that you've gained throughout the year and start from scratch again next winter, so be sure to keep showing up throughout the warmer months - as hard as it is to drag yourself in sometimes, we promise it feels just as amazing afterwards, regardless of the season!

2. Temperature acclimation: Summer in Australia can be uncomfortable at times, but regular summer sauna use can make heatwaves more tolerable by helping your body to acclimate to the extreme temperatures. Regular sweating also ensures that your bodies detoxification pathways are clear, helping you to sweat more efficiently and keep cooler throughout Summer.

3. To help when you've overindulged: this reason is one of our faves! The silly season is the time of year where most of us fall completely off the bandwagon, but lucky for us, the sauna is here to help. Sitting in the sauna can help to eliminate all that extra salt (read: bloat) that comes with an indulgent meal, or that late night drunken pizza.

As well as helping to reduce water retention, the sauna is also very helpful when you've had a few too many cocktails the night before - combined with lots of water, the sauna can help you to beat that hangover and face the day (or the next round) feeling refreshed!

Even in the heat of summer, a session in the infrared sauna can soothe aching muscles and joints, keep your skin glowing and improve your cardiovascular and respiratory function. The sauna in summer experience will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced, and will actually make the heat of the summer easier for your body to manage.

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