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Chromotherapy (not to be confused with Red Light Therapy) is built in to each infrared sauna at Wildfire Wellness, and is included in the session free of charge.

Chromotherapy uses a wide range of colours and mostly affects mental health, mood and emotions, whilst Red Light Therapy uses red light and near infrared to provide physical benefits to the skin and body.

Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy. It uses visible colours to treat disease and maintain health. Each colour can be broken down into electromagnetic frequencies that affect the body’s vibrations. Used for centuries and linked to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, it is an alternative treatment for mental, emotional and spiritual health. Physical benefits have also been recorded.

Whilst enjoying your infrared sauna at Wildfire Wellness you will have multiple chromotherapy lighting options to enhance your experience and benefits.

Chromotherapy is included in every session at Wildfire Wellness.

Mentally stimulating, yellow awakens your intellect & allows you to connect to your mind, body & soul.

Physically, it can help with the healing of scars as well as assist with metabolism and digestion.

The Energiser' , red stimulates the base of the nervous system, increasing circulation whilst encouraging action & confidence.

Physically, it can assist with circulation and fatigue.

Violet encourages meditation and inspiration, connecting you to your higher self.

Physically, it calms the nervous & lymphatic systems, allowing you to heal.

Bringing clarity & connecting you with your intuition, Indigo vibrates to the brow area, causing a sedative effect.

Physically, it is helpful with issues of the eyes, nose and ears and can relieve migraines.

A cooling & calming colour associated with the throat, Blue can assist with communication & speaking your truth.

Physically, it is ideal for sleep issues & anxiety as it calms the nervous & circulatory systems, & allows the body to relax & repair.

'The Relaxer', Green is used to create balance & harmony. It is a universal healing colour - when in doubt, GO GREEN!

Physically, it is an equaliser and can be helpful in treating high blood pressure, stress, anxiety & insomnia.

Assisting in the development & organisation of new ideas, Orange nurtures creativity with no boundaries.

Physically, it is anti-inflammatory and helpful with sinus issues, respiratory disorders and menstrual cramps.

Strengthening & stabilising, Pink is the highest connection to the spiritual self.

Physically, strengthens veins & arteries, filtering impurities from the blood.

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