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Why we love our Jacuzzi red right therapy towers!

Back when we were opening Wildfire 1.0 on Anzac Pde, our intention was to offer Clearlight infrared saunas and Omnilux light therapy. A few months into our planning phase we decided that the added time and expense that an Omnilux session added just wasn’t going to work for us, so we continued on with saunas only.

Fast-forward a few years, and now loving on Wildfire 2.0, we are here with the perfect solution - our brand new Jacuzzi red light therapy towers!

The red light towers emit 660nm of red light and are the only red light therapy units to use variable optics which means, not only are they stronger than the Omnilux (which emits 633nm), but the light penetrates deeper and reaches

most of your body, not just your face. This also means that if you have any sort of injury, you are able to hold that part of your body closest to the light and allow the red light to work its healing magic.

The Jacuzzi red light therapy towers are attached to our existing Clearlight infrared saunas, meaning using them doesn’t add any extra time to your infrared sauna session, they are simply turned on at the beginning of your session, and they turn themselves off after 20 minutes, leaving you to enjoy the remainder of your session.

But the best part of the Jacuzzi red light therapy towers? Using them doesn't double the price of your session! Most spa's charge at least $90 for a 30 minute session under the Omnilux. At Wildfire, when we are allowed to reopen, your 20 minute red light therapy session will be included in every infrared sauna session in July.

Following that, you’ll be given the choice as to whether the red light be turned on 20 minutes of your 40 minute session, for an additional fee.

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