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How Hot Should My Sauna Be?

A question we get asked a lot in the studio is 'what temperature should I set the infrared sauna to?' And, often, our answer is 'it depends'...

- it depends on your goals - what are you trying to achieve?

- it depends on your experience - how long have you been using the infrared sauna?

- it depends on your commitment - how often do you use the infrared sauna?

- it depends on your health - are you in good health? do you suffer from any chronic health conditions?

More often than not, somewhere between 57 and 65 degrees Celsius is sufficient for supporting overall health. If you're leaving your sessions feeling energised but relaxed, you're probably nailing the temperature. If you're leaving absolutely wiped out, I'd consider lowering the temperature for a few sessions and see how you feel.

We are always available via email to answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to ask for advice if you need it.

** Whatever temperature you choose, you should always be ensuring that you're well hydrated before your session, which can be harder to do as the days get cooler. I love adding spoonful of Land Essentials Sea Hydrate powder to my water, but a pinch of good quality salt works wonders as well.

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