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Why Choose Red Light?

Our red light towers are our newest addition - a therapy used to promote healthy cell growth and regeneration. Red light therapy penetrates around 5mm below the skins surface and works by using low-level wavelengths of red light to produce a biochemical effect in cells. This helps strengthen the mitochondria and improves the performance of cells so they are able to effectively repair damage.

Red Light Therapy, aka RLT or photobiomodulation, is a supportive therapy, rather than a contrast therapy - rather than activating a stress response, it simply provides you with additional benefits. RLT is FDA approved for the treatment of chronic joint pain, slow healing wounds, hair loss, premature ageing and acne. If that's not enough to get you using them regularly, benefits can also include: increased collagen production, sun damage repair, fading of scars and stretch marks, cold sore prevention and reduction of skin inflammatory conditions (eczema, psoriasis, etc).

There are many different variations of RLT, from expensive Omnilux treatments, to cheaper handheld devices to use at home. Our choice, for both quality and convenience, are the Jacuzzi red light therapy towers, which attach to our existing Clearlight infrared saunas. Using them doesn’t add any extra time to your infrared sauna session - they are simply turned on at the beginning of your session and they turn themselves off after 20 minutes, leaving you to enjoy the remainder of your sauna session.

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