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The most delicious Dandy Latte recipe

I was recently introduced to Dandelion tea and I am obsessed. I drink three cups per day, to assist my liver and gallbladder with bile production and storage - sounds gross, works wonders! My favorite way to drink it is in a latte with fresh, homemade nut mylk, this balances the bitterness perfectly and makes for a delicious, frothy blend.


2tsp roasted dandelion tea

1 cup boiling water

1/2-3/4 cup milk of choice - I love homemade cashew or macadamia milk

1tsp collagen powder - I use Imbibe

1/4 teaspoon each adaptogen of choice - I am currently using Superfeast Jing powder


Place dandelion tea and water in a heatproof jug to steep for ~5mins

Meanwhile, blend milk, collagen powder and adaptogens in a milk frother

Strain tea into your favourite mug

Top with warm, frothy milk


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