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The Best Gift for a New Mum

Having travelled between home and Sydney every few weeks over the past year, I have honestly found that the hardest part of my most recent trips is not packing for myself and a 4 month old or juggling work and home life throughout the trip, but making sure I eat enough so that I can continue feeding a hungry little boy!

Grocery shopping and then cooking in a house that isn't your own is hard! And, being gluten free, lunch is never easy to acquire on the run, and healthy takeaway options are few and far between.

So for my most recent trip I ordered myself a postpartum meal kit from a lovely Newcastle-based Naturopath, Kate from Holism Health Co.

'The Bundle' came with everything I needed for a week of healthy meals! I started most days with a quick breaky of GF sourdough topped with almond butter and homemade chia jam which was super easy to throw together in between feeding, getting bub organised and trying to finally make it out the door! I packed some GF granola, stewed fruit and yoghurt to take with me each day (in my favourite lunch box) to have something a bit more substantial mid-morning. Lunch options were a yummy soup with toast and a delicious Syrian beef stew. I also added some meals from partner company, Newy Supply Co, so Riley and I had a quick dinner waiting for us if we needed it.

Special mention has to go to the Ayurvedic lactation cookies that I snacked on in the afternoons with a cup of tea - these are easily the best lactation cookies I've tried, and I have tried a few!! I loved The Bundle so much that I popped on to order one for a friend who has just had a fresh bub and noticed that Kate also sells the Ayurvedic Mumma Love cookies in a dry mix - highly recommend these if you're breastfeeding and looking for as little boost.

Food is honestly one of the best gifts you can give to a new mum, so I thought I'd share my experience as I've tried a few meal delivery kits and I really couldn't fault this one, a definite favourite and the perfect gift for new mummas.

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