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Sweat. Detox. Repeat.

A brand new year. A clean slate. A restart button. The perfect time to detox.

After countless glasses of champagne and plenty of good times, the end of the silly season is upon us. First stop? An infrared sauna session at Wildfire Wellness.

We are big fans of long term lifestyle changes over short term 'bandaids', and if there's a perfect time to start implementing change, January is it. You can eat clean, exercise and take care of your mind all you want, but detox is the key to looking and feeling your absolute best - you have to get rid of all the junk first!

All the toxins we take in on a daily basis prevent our bodies from functioning effectively - they disrupt our hormones, damage our immune system, and inhibit our ability to rest, relax and sleep, which in turn lowers our energy, cognitive function and longevity.

By helping our bodies to move out these toxins we are able to function optimally and feel better. Detoxing supports the immune system, allowing us to fight off viruses and disease; it relieves brain fog, leading to a clearer mind and an ability to be more present; and it makes us more resilient to stress with a greater ability to bounce back.

One of the best ways to eliminate toxins from the body is by sweating in an infrared sauna. The heat of the infrared sauna penetrates the body deeply, providing warmth and stimulation to the organs of elimination, allowing them to function optimally and effectively remove toxins from the body. It gets the blood pumping, increasing circulation and bringing more oxygen to the tissues, which helps to move out that cellular waste.

Sure you can get a great sweat on in the gym or outside on a hot summers day, but exercise is stressful and puts your body in fight or flight mode. Sitting in an infrared sauna allows you to sweat in a passive, healing state while the warmth penetrates your body on a cellular level releasing stored toxins in a safe and effective way.

Whatever your goals are for 2021, we're sure they can be supported by feeling calm, healthy and focused. So get in the sauna, kick the toxins and make 2021 yours!

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