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Sweat Baby Sweat

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Sweating is a very basic and necessary human function, in fact studies have shown sweating everyday is fantastic for our overall health. So, I’m trying to sweat more!

I must admit, when the pandemic started, I used it as a great excuse to get “comfortable”. Baking delicious treats and watching a lot of TV, drinking a little too much wine. I’m proud to advise I have found a new motivation to take care of myself… and may still be having the wine. I have been walking more, swimming more, doing yoga again and have started sauna sessions, it truly isn’t rocket science, a healthy body creates a healthy mind.

I have researched the benefits of a regular sweat, and noted the differences in my body and mind. Now that I am sweating regularly, here’s the top 4 differences I have noticed in only a few weeks.

SKIN... Sweat, mainly composed of water, also contains salts and toxins from the body. It clears pores and kills bacteria on the skin. I have noticed a huge reduction in blemishes on my skin, smaller, tighter and cleaner pores, and a warm glow of radiance.

SLEEP... Those close to me know I don’t have an issue getting to sleep, it’s staying in a deep sleep that I struggle with. After a yoga class or sauna session, my sleep will be deep and undisturbed. Sweating releases melatonin and dopamine, equating in an increased mood followed with a happy drowsiness, the perfect potion for a good night’s sleep.

BREATHING… I have asthma, it isn’t severe however I don’t regulate it as much as my doctor would like me to so you can sometimes hear me wheeze or cough. (Ironically sweating can be a symptom of asthma). I have noticed I am breathing better; my lungs feel clear. This may be due to an increased heart rate pumping fresh blood through my body, it feels oh so good.

MIND... Sweating regulates, regenerates and detoxifies; however, it also has beneficial flow on effects for the mind. That extra hit of dopamine each day sparks a positive motivation in my mind, it makes me want to take better care of myself.

We all know how good we feel, when those sweat droplets roll down our bodies, each droplet filled with a reflection of proudness.

Sweating is not something to be embarrassed about - it’s something we should do more of!

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