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SPOTLIGHT ON: Harvest Owl's 'Face:Plant'

As you may have noticed, we only stock products that we personally know and love, and this one fits the bill perfectly - the maker of Face:Plant is my neighbour, Kez from Harvest Owl.

Kez grows the flowers in her organic market garden before harvesting and drying them. She then gathers other local and organic ingredients before lovingly blending them into this magical cream.

But I'm not just recommending Face:Plant to you because it's made by my beautiful neighbour Kez!

A few months ago, Aurora developed eczema. A red, itchy rash quickly spread all over her tummy and Riss tried every natural remedy she could think of to no avail.

Enter Face:Plant - a nourishing blend of organic macadamia oil, chamomile, calendula and beeswax. I had sent down a jar to each of my baby shower guests as a thank you gift (because I was already in love with it) so Riss already had one on hand. She used a small amount of cream on Aurora's skin morning and night, and the results speak for themselves (see pics below) - after just a few weeks, the redness had faded and the dryness had completely gone. Aurora was left with some pink spots, that quickly faded with each passing week. We placed an order for Wildfire immediately!

Face:Plant is creamy but not heavy, and hydrating but not greasy. Perfect to use as a nourishing night cream, or an all-over moisturiser, a soothing aftershave balm or a healing salve - and gentle enough to use on babies delicate skin. It comes in two subtly scented varieties: Lavender and Rose.

We are so excited to share this beautiful, handcrafted product with you. Available in store and online.

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