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Our Newest Additions to the Online Store

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

We have just added some beautiful new products to our online store, and as usual, they are all products that we know and love.

Twig Botanicals is a particular favourite - their Natural Lip Balm is the only thing that has saved our lips during pregnancy. It's a big call, but we think it's our favourite lip balm ever! Larissa had also been using it on Rory's chapped little cheeks until she discovered their Wonderbalm, which also works a treat!

Calma CBD is another brand that we've recently added to the online store - discovered in my new hometown! The quality of these three CBD based products is second to none and we are obsessed with the CBD Muscle Balm. Highly recommend if you suffer from any muscular aches and pains and are looking to switch out your Dencorub for something non-toxic. It was the only thing that helped with my pregnancy rib pain (except for Felicity Young, she helped too!).

Malo Nappy Creme has just been added to the Mama & Baby section and is fast becoming Larissa's new favourite product. A perfect alternative to Sudocrem, the pump jar is super easy to use, we also stock their Nappy Rash Spray which is perfect when you're on-the-go (which probably isn't happening much at the moment - but hopefully will be soon!). Both options are also pretty safe from cheeky little hands, so having the walls painted with Sudocrem while you're enjoying your morning coffee will be a thing of the past!

Glowso is another amazing product which was recommended to us by our lovely staff member, Emma, and we have all taken it religiously since she mentioned it a few months ago!

Glowso is a collagen-based product skin health formula. Naturopathically formulated to support hair, skin and nails, it's also high in antioxidants and reduces free radical damage in the body.

We love it even more because it comes in tablet form, so there's no mixing of any powders!

Haakaa is a brand that we've had in store for a little while, but has just recently been added online. The Breast Pump & Bottle Set is the perfect baby shower gift for new mamas and the Ladybug Milk Collectors are amazing for collecting breast milk that would otherwise be soaked into a nursing pad and wasted.

And last but not least, Loco Love's long-awaited Dark Peppermint Creme flavour has been added online, along with a restock of the single and twin flavours - so jump online and treat yourself to a yummy lockdown treat!

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