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Meditation is one of those things that is super beneficial when I prioritise time for it, generally though I’m distracted looking at screens. Covid-19 restrictions has meant a whole lot more time at home, the perfect recipe for wellness and self-reflection.

What do I do instead? Procrastinate. I think I worry too much about my preconceptual ideals of how mediation looks. Beautiful and mystic images pop into my head, manicured gardens, water fountains, sitting with monks, a straight back and my knees hyper-extended over each other, index and thumb just touching, facing East? I appreciate ritual but I don’t even brush my hair daily. When I strip back the true meaning and goal of meditation I believe it is to be present, in your body at that moment. Almost a universal pause on time and space that allows you to stop and create space for your own vibrations. Imagination and conscience sustainable choices have made me realise we have everything we need, to do anything we want to do, just how creative can we be? Instead of focusing on how I think mediation should look, I asked myself, what do I routinely do that creates space to meditate? Walking my dog, having a bath or sauna, sitting in my garden with a tea, these are all rituals that already involve wellness and self-reflection and if manipulated slightly could include meditation. When I meditate I quite consistently get a flood of inspiration and motivation, along with the feeling of peaceful acceptance. Meditation has such a fantastic positive flow on affect for me, which is why I now try to prioritise even just small snippets of it throughout my entire day. In a broader reflection, it has been refreshing putting less pressure on myself with regards to my preconceptual ideals on… a lot of things. It dawned on me recently after much self-reflection, if I can simply see things in a different light, approach things from a different angle, results can be achieved using the appropriate amount of energy and time and consequently have more favourable outcomes. Inevitably whatever entity I am approaching seems never to change, it is me who is constantly changing.

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