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Medicinal Hot Choc Recipe

We get so many requests for the recipe to our medicinal hot chocolate, so we've popped it here for your reference.

It is super simple and so delish, the perfect little pick-me-up!


1 cup milk of choice (Riss prefers whole milk, Caitlin is dairy-free so Maca milk is her pick)

1 tablespoon cacao (plain cacao is fine, or you can use a blend like Sacred Cacao)

1 teaspoon MCT oil

1/2 tablespoon Imbibe collagen

1/2 teaspoon adaptogen of choice, or 1 teaspoon Orchard Street elixir blend of choice (available in store) - our current favourite additions are Shatavari & Lions Mane (Riss) and Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola (Caitlin), see below for why.


Simply add all ingredients into a milk frother and blend, or gently heat milk in a pot on the stove and then add remaining ingredients and blend with a stick blender.

Our Current Favourite Adaptogens

Shatavari - balancing of female hormones, an elevated yet calm energy, improved sexual drive and pleasure

Lions Mane - enhanced cognition, improved mental clarity & mood, increased energy

Ashwaghanda - improved sleep, female hormonal balance, nervous system & adrenal support

Rhodiola - heightened mental clarity & awareness, deeper sense of wellness & stability, balanced energy boost

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