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LIFE: The Gluten-Free Edition

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis earlier this year, one of the biggest changes I've had to make was to cut gluten out of my diet for good. I had never considered that gluten was an issue for me, but when after months of feeling very average, it was suggested that going gluten free might lower my thyroid antibodies and fight inflammation, I was all in.

One of the first, and most interesting things, I discovered was that in order for this to work you have to be completely, 100% gluten-free at all times. In other words, you're either gluten-free or you're not, there is no in between - eating food containing gluten, even just once, can set you back at least three months! I think this almost makes it easier to stick to - no meal is worth ruining all your hard work and having to start again from scratch!

Eating gluten-free at home has been fairly easy - I tossed any sauces/seasonings containing gluten and replaced them with gluten-free alternatives, swapped out my beloved Iggy's for some GF bread and stocked up on clean, GF crackers for cheeseboard emergencies!

Finding a good GF bread was a process in itself, so many of them are just full of so much crap and even the seemingly good ones contain toxic vegetable oils which is a big no from me. No-Grainer hemp buns are great to have in the freezer for burger night, but my current fave is the gluten-free bread from Bread N More Bakery in Matraville. It's made with chickpea flour and contains no vegetable oil - like most gluten-free breads, it's better when toasted.

By far the hardest part of the whole debacle has been eating out, which we love to do. When eating out, you should assume gluten is in everything, and it usually is - even a simple steak can sometimes be dusted in flour before grilling and, much to my dismay, hot chips are almost always NOT gluten-free. I have found that the best thing to do when going out to dinner is to just call the restaurant in advance and ask if they have GF options, there is nothing worse than arriving at a beautiful restaurant and only being able to order a salad!

Thankfully, there are some amazing restaurants and cafes in Sydney who are more than happy to help! Chula in Potts Point is one of my favourites for authentic Mexican fare, and Chin Chin is always a safe bet when dining as a group - both are able to make 90% of their menu gluten-free.

I've started listing some of my favourite discoveries below, please send through your favourite cafes, restaurants, pantry staples, meals, etc - I would love to continue growing the list!


Mary's Gone Crackers

Loving Earth Buckinis Chocolate Clusters & Deluxe Clusters

Pure Harvest Organic Tamari

Cere's Organic Rice Crackers


Bread N More Bakery Gluten Free Bread

No Grainer Oh-Mega Hemp Buns

Paddy The Baker GF Potato Bread and Soda Bread

Wholegreen's Bakery Sourdough


Chula Potts Point

Chin Chin Surry Hills

Herb n Sprout Maroubra

Eksentrik Maroubra (GF pancakes and choc brownie of your dreams!)

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