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Healing with Colours

Chromotherapy is a treatment that uses the electromagnetic frequencies of colours to heal or maintain the mind, body and soul. It has been used for centuries and is linked to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. I have recently been researching the benefits of Chromotherapy, and have started using it in my everyday life, I have noticed the benefits and had to share them!

I started this research because, I find it interesting that as technology increases so does demand of knowledge and use of ancient treatments. A little pat on the back to humanity, that even without scientific evidence we were doing something right. Examples of this are everywhere, acupuncture, hot stone massages, cupping, yoga, crystal therapy, chromotherapy, people are seeking natural methods to healing and it has bought life changing benefits to the masses.

Upon researching the subject, I found that it is actually quite easy to understand and then use light therapy for a whole range of reasons; to ease a headache, to gain motivation, to ease anxiety, to help with asthma, to relax, to ease menstrual cramps, to help organise new ideas and energize.

If you have an understanding of the colour spectrum, the colours of the rainbow or an understanding of Chakra colours, you’ll be able to identify the order of the colours. 7 Chakras, 7 colours of the rainbow. In the order from; Violet (crown) – Indigo (brow) – Blue (throat) – Green (heart) – Yellow (solar plexus, top of stomach) – Orange (sacral, navel) – Red (root, base of spine)

Then you relate colour/ physical position to physical or mental issues.

Example; I use orange for menstrual cramps, indigo for bad headaches and blue for anxiety, I use green to feel grounded and for stress (highly recommend green for stress) and red as it’s the energizer (stimulates the base of the nervous system).

I know it likely now sounds that I have different colour rooms to nest in depending on how I feel, but the truth is, I just try and notice the colour I think I’m needing, and in noticing the colour I subconsciously surround myself in it. I can choose that setting on my oil diffuser, select it at the sauna, I can walk around the green park or by the blue ocean, stop and stare at the yellow wattle or orange marigolds. It doesn’t need to be complex.

I think minor conscious efforts that benefit the mind, body and soul are the key to staying healthy and living a happy life.

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