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More Than a Food Bible for New Mothers 


Postpartum is a Latin term meaning ‘after childbirth’. Postpartum recovery can range from a few days to a few weeks, months or years depending on the birth itself, and the integration of becoming a mother. Postpartum is the least supported aspect of birth at present, as most of the focus is currently on fertility, conception, pregnancy, and of course, labour and birth itself.


Postpartum is the time when illnesses can arise, immunity can drop, fatigue can set in, loneliness can be felt, and of course, postpartum depression or depletion can occur.

This is a postpartum bible. Pass it on to those who will hold you in your newborn stages and ensure that it is read, reread, and then used to create edible delicacies that can sustain you in the darkest of nights and the earliest of hours to ensure that you too are nourished in your new passage as Mother.

Nourishing Those Who Nurture

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