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Ethicool creates heartwarming children's books about the world's big issues and then inspires kids to take meaningful action.


My Rainforest Classroom by Stuart French

A Kids' Book About The Environment

When the light goes out, the forest creeps in. Join little Charlie on a wild and wondrous adventure of a different kind: through nature's classroom. A delightful tale for nature and animal lovers of all ages.


Remembering Mother Nature by Stuart French

A heartwarming kid' book about nature

This is THE picture book that has appealed to tens of thousands of children's hearts the world over, inspiring them to appreciate everything that makes our planet so special. 


The Day We Went To Away by Stuart French

A Kids' Book About Adventure

Not all is what it seems in the dystopian world of "Away." Why? Because it's where all of our things go when we throw them away. The Day We Went to Away is a magical, but profound wake-up call for all of us.


April's Window by Georgina Le Flufy

A Kids' Book About Curiosity

Described as captivating, mesmerizing, and the 'ultimate oasis of calm' this stunning book is a must-read for curious little ones the world over.

Ethicool Childrens Books

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