Why we only use Clearlight (Jacuzzi) infrared saunas

Infrared saunas are not all created equal and with more places to get your sauna fix popping up all the time, we thought we should address the issue of sauna quality and making sure your sauna use isn’t causing more harm than good!

Here at Wildfire, we choose to only use Clearlight (Jacuzzi) infrared saunas. We spent many hours researching and trialling

various brands, and Clearlight was the clear frontrunner in all departments. Here are a few important reasons why we would only ever step foot in a Clearlight!

- The biggest issue for us is EMF’s and when choosing our saunas our clients health and safety was obviously at the forefront of our decision. Please, please, PLEASE ensure you are only ever spending time in a quality infrared sauna – cheap ‘no brand’ machines are dangerous and any benefits are far outweighed by the negative effects. Clearlight was concerned about EMFs long before their competitors, and continues to be the frontrunner in low EMF technology - when you’re sitting in a Clearlight infrared sauna the EMF levels are virtually zero, meaning you are able to soak up all the incredible benefits of infrared sauna therapy in a completely safe and effective machine.

- The heat quality of a Clearlight sauna is super consistent due to the proprietary True Waveheaters. Not only do the carbon-ceramic far infrared heaters completely surround you throughout your session, the full spectrum infrared heaters (installed in the front of the sauna) are 25 times more powerful than those of the nearest competitor ensuring each session in a Clearlight sauna produces a deep and effective sweat.

- Whilst some infrared sauna brands allow you to select from various programs (suggesting that each program offers a different benefit eg. weight loss, cardio, detox, etc.), a Clearlight infrared sauna allows you to receive all of the benefits all of the time and, as mentioned above, the strength and quality of the heaters in a Clearlight sauna ensures that you are receiving these health benefits to the max!

Infrared saunas are an incredibly powerful addition to your health and wellness routine and (like anything) you should always ask questions and do your own research! Make sure the machine you are using is top quality and if it's not, make sure you pop into Wildfire where you can rest assured that your health and safety comes first.

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