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Real Women of Wildfire

One of my favourite things about Wildfire is the conversations had with clients on their way to and from a session – it’s like a collective hub of likeminded people, all with differing lifestyles and opinions, but always open to learning (or teaching) something new. I live for the moments when, every now and then, something will spark an epic discussion involving myself, Larissa, clients who have just arrived and clients who are trying to leave but can’t quite make it out the door (and occasionally our mum, brother, partners, friends and anyone else who’s just ‘popped in’ for a hot minute!).

One hot topic of late last year was the upcoming shoot to showcase our new space. One thing we heard again and

again was the desire to see real, relatable

people. People who are having their children babysat while they take some time out, who are taking a study break to clear their head, who are rushing to their appointment after work because they just can’t wait to relax. Normal, everyday people, who love the sauna just as much as you!

Late last month we spent some time with the talented duo from Morning Swim Studio, Bec and Brod, shooting some incredible women; Kelly, Brodie and Laura. These three women are a perfect example of the amazing clientele who visit us at Wildfire each and every day. Intelligent, hardworking, powerful women who understand the importance of self care, and taking a minute (or 40) for themselves when they can and while this particular shoot showcases gorgeous women, we’d also like to give a special mention to the guys who show up for themselves each week, but are a little harder to convince into doing a photo shoot!

We are so looking forward to sharing some of the images with you over the coming weeks, and would love to send out a big thank you to Kelly, Brodie and Laura and to all our incredible clients for helping us to create such a warm and welcoming space. We love you all, and are looking forward to an epic 2020 in the studio!

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