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Should I Sauna Through Summer?

With the weather beginning to warm up we’ve been asked this question a few times and we think it’s super important for everyone to understand why the sauna isn’t just for winter! Using the infrared sauna throughout summer will ensure that the detoxification process continues and you don’t start back at square one when winter comes again. Here are some of the main reasons that we continue using the infrared sauna regularly throughout summer.


Sweating is the bodies natural cooling process and is super important in summer as our bodies are regularly subjected to high temperatures. Using the infrared sauna clears out toxins and blockages helping you to sweat more efficiently which can make the summer heat easier to handle.


Salt intake can cause bloating and water retention, which can really prevent you from feeling your best at the beach. Sweating in the infrared sauna can assist with salt elimination, thereby reducing water weight and diminishing bloat so that you can feel amazing in that new cossie!


Throughout summer our skin often soaks up extra toxins from chlorinated pools and greasy sunscreen. Regular sauna sessions will help to clear out these impurities leaving your skin fresh and glowing.


A single 40 minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories, and regular sauna use has been shown to reduce the visibility of cellulite. Hello summer bod!


Summer weather and a nice cold beverage go hand in hand, but sometimes a few too many can leave you feeling under the weather. In conjunction with plenty of fluids, a sauna session can help you to sweat out your sins and leave feeling ready to take on the next event!


The holiday (and school holiday) season is stressful at times, so an infrared sauna session can be a relaxing, cortisol-lowering escape to help you to recharge and have a minute (or 40) to yourself!

Check out our discounted Summer Sauna Sessions to help you maintain your sauna routine throughout summer!

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